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VTC Rules

This pages is about the rules that must be adhered to.

Our Discord Rules

1. Respect other peoples privacy (Sexuality, Religion, Personal Information)

2. No causing trouble (Picking on members, taking the mick out of them)

3. No advertisements ( VTC's social Media, Discords)

4. Follow instructions given by staff! If you are told to do something by a member of staff please follow it if not action will be taken.

5. No homophobic or racist Attitudes towards others

6. Do not tag Members of staff If you want to contact a member off staff please use the ticket panel. If you are seen tagging Members off staff you will get a warning

7. No spamming, Keep on saying the same thing over and over again or another comment as a warning will be given

8. No hacking If you are seen hacking in anyway you will be permanently banned from our discord

9. No selling (computers, games, Phones)

10. No insulting other members calling them names or any other hateful attitude

11. Please us the correct channels EG general chat, pics ETC

12. Drivers 13+ Staff 17+

13. No voice changers or soundboards allowed E.G Voice changer sound affects

14. No Spamming Staff DM's E.G About a staff place, about a ban, or any other actions

​15. If you want information make a ticket E.G bans, promotions, help

16. No inappropriate Profile Picture E.G racist, rude, religious

17. No drivers allowed to act like staff members to about another member of staff about another staff

18. No swearing in voice channels between the hours of 6:30am to 21:00pm

19. No one should message or give out their personal facebook

20. No @ new members more than once only high staff that need put that staff rules

Our TMP Rules

1. Tag MGL | what role you have (RED) (eg. MGL | Driver)


2. Cars only for Staff


3. Keep your Truck and Trailer in our paint livery


4. No blocking


5. No Ramming


6. No bad language


7. Keep your paint the same When in TMP


8. Keep your tag the same


9. Follow instructions given by TMP & VTC staff


10. No extreme save editing


11. Skin should be visible to client side and TMP wise


12. No bullying


13. No advertising other VTC's


14. No racist Comments


15. Be active


16. Do not dm any staff members make a ticket


17. Attend at least 2 convoys a month or 1000 miles on drivers hub monthly.


18. If you leave MGL you can no longer use our paint livery.

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